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A humor hack is a humorous reinterpretation or interpretation of an aspect of the Christian faith.

These may be...
  • videos that parody or reflect on Christian idiosyncrasies.
  • pictures that imitate or exemplify Christian cultural icons and actions.
  • writings of satire
Why are these hacks?  Because they make people laugh and consider everyday Christian events from another perspective.  Or it makes them feel part of a group.


The following is the first humor.hack posted at HX.

Why is this a humor hack?
  1. It doesn't take itself seriously and intends to promote the Christian faith while also making fun of it.
  2. It subverts the image of bible-carrying Christians.
  3. It takes a well-known pop-culture song and re-images it in a Christian context.
  4. It allows people to laugh at certain idiosyncrasies of the Christian culture in a context that is not threatening to others.
Add all those together, and you have a perfect example of a humorous hack of Christian symbols to make it more accessible and discussable in many contexts.


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