This is a listing of the Hacks categories at HX.net
  • action.hacks are concrete things you can do to open or subvert a Christian system.
  • art.hacks are alternative depictions of the Christian story in various artistic mediums.
  • bad.hacks are malicious changes to systems that hurt people instead of show Christ to them.
  • bible.hacks are "closed" understandings of scripture that are "opened" to more interpretation.
  • christ.hacks are presentations or actions that expose Christ in a new or novel way to a system resistant to him.
  • humor.hacks are humorous reinterpretations of Christian values in socially-acceptable venues.
  • mission.hacks are analysis and re-synthesis of jargon and buzz-words in mission statements of Christian institutions.
  • worship.hacks are changes in style or substance of worship experiences and structures that make them more open and receptive to people.
More will come up as soon as they present themselves!