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HackingChristianity and blogger Rev. Jeremy Smith, may be featured in media or high-profile blogs. This page is an attempt to sort and collate such reports. 

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    This morning over at Hacking Christianity, Jeremy Smith asks if lottery winnings should be accepted as offerings to the church, given our stance against gambling.  He also offers some examples of small actions other people are taking based on ethical principles, like refusing to eat bananas, buy diamonds, or use ethanol.

    June 2008
    Two of our most tech savvy reconciling pastors are Rev. Tiffany Steinwert and Rev. Jeremy Smith. Tiffany has a blog called Religion is a Queer Thing and also posts over at 7Villages, the official blogging community for the United Methodist Church. Jeremy has a fascinating blog called Hacking Christianity and is an avid Twitter user. He recently posted the following on his Twitter feed, “gearing up for Annual Conference...where's my bright orange tie with matching shoes?” Both Tiffany and Jeremy have Facebook accounts and would want their many friends to read all their entries posted on various parts of the Internet in ONE PLACE!

    Enter Friendfeed. Friendfeed is a powerful aggregation platform that allows you to add all of your RSS Feeds into one big RSS Feed (you can include your YouTube and Flickr accounts). You can then add the Friendfeed application to Facebook and all your Friends can read what you are doing all over the Internet in one place!

    • HX.net became a featured blog on FaithTalk, a section of the UM Portal. [June 6th]
    Q: What do you get if you cross a United Methodist pastor with a technology nerd?
    A: Hacking Christianity...exploring good and bad "hacks" of the Christian system.
    • HX.net was the featured blog on the Methoblog, the largest aggregator service of United Methodist clergy and laity blogs (June 1st)

    May 2008
    April 2008
    A NEW MOTTO? Check out Rev. Jeremy Smith’s blog, “Hacking Christianity.” Smith takes the winner of a recent motto contest, “Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay,” and applies it to the UMC, with some surprising results. One of the best Methodist blogs, “Locusts & Honey,” in referring readers to Smith’s blog, draws a cogent comment from Jeff the Baptist, just in time for General Conference. (By the way, look over “Locusts & Honey’s” excellent blogroll. Great mix of people and views!).
    • HX.net featured in the Web Evangelism Bulletin, a monthly e-bulletin put out by GospelCom. (Issue 159 ~ April 8th)
    STOP BEING A FRIENDLY CHURCH! What! Actually, what the HackingChristianity blog means is, a church can be seemingly friendly, yet not a place where you can actually make friends. A very important difference:

    Press representatives wishing to arrange interviews with Jeremy are welcome to approach him via the details on his contact form.
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