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"Introduction to Theology" Knol Project

Google has introduced a wikipedia alternative called "Knol" that is all about experts...and in the field of theology, who else to be considered "experts" than Theology students at an accredited United Methodist seminary?

Thus, at Google's Knol, I'll be running a project: theological terms that have been defined and edited by first-year seminarians.  These will be offered up as starting points for others to edit and expand on.  They will not be perfect, but they will be starting places.  They will be set to be easily be updated by anyone with a Google account. 

I feel confident that since the original wiki terms were written for a class's edification and alteration, it is in that same spirit that they are offered up to the Knol project. 


Don't worry: this database here will always be the "hacking Christianity" way of doing things and defining terms in our own way.  But don't be surprised if parts of here end up over there!