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I blog because it is a spiritual discipline and helps me maintain both my relevancy and my focus in my ministry. 

Having said this - I do ‘get’ things out of this blog and want to declare it up front.  

This blog is a source of profile-building.

I reference this blog in professional situations and submit this blog's content to professional blogger organizations.  Given that this blog is a reflection of me and my ministry, I reserve the right to censor content that may be objectionable.

This blog is a source of income.

I get a very small of money from advertising click-thrus and affiliate links through Amazon.com.  None of your personal information is relayed to me from these sources of income.

I do not "sell" posts or writeup posts in exchange for money.  If I'm not interested in it, I don't write about it.  Of course, if you want to throw something my way, contact me.

This blog is a source of satisfaction.

I enjoy blogging.  Just wanted you to know!