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Comments: Your Four Responsibilities

Jonathan Brink offers the following Four Commenting Responsibilities.  His words are so perfect that they need little alteration as a commenting guideline for HX.net.  [source]

When you come to Hacking Christianity, you choose to do so.  But with that choice comes a responsibility.

Your responsibility as a reader and a commenter.

  1. If you come looking for something in my writing and I don’t say it, It doesn’t mean that I haven’t said it.  It means that I haven’t said it in that post.  My posts are to express my thoughts and grapple with its meaning, not answer all your questions.  Look deeper than simply your first conclusion about something.
  2. Take responsibility for your words as you comment.  Think before you write them and consider how they sound, not just what you are saying. Be gracious in your questions and comments.  We all have feelings.  Nobody hears what you say if you first make them feel like crap.
  3. If what I write makes you mad, FIRST ask why it makes you mad.  Chances are it's not only what I said but that I have come to a conclusion that is different than you.  This often creates tension that is hard to deal with.  This is a place for me to expose my questions and conclusions.  But don’t get mad at me for coming to my blog.
  4. If you don’t understand, ask clarifying questions that help you understand what I am saying.  I love questions and am never offended by honest questions!
Hacking Christianity truly appreciates all of you for your engagement and time.  Questions?  Contact me!